The beginnings: Bajafar is a group of companies established in 1997 as the merger of different trade names operating across many sectors in Sudan’s market.

Currently, 4 companies form the Bajafar group:

  • Bajafar Medical
  • Bajafar Advertising
  • Bajafar for Multi-Activities
  • Rittal

Bajafar employs over 80 professionals and operates in a variety of industries including: advertising, IT, pharmaceuticals, medical and healthcare services and products.

Bajafar Medical, part of the Bajafar group, is a leading provider of healthcare products and services in Sudan established in 2010.

We bring unique, high-quality items and services to the continually growing markets of:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices and consumables
  • Healthcare operations and management
  • Infant nutrition and baby care products
  • Cosmetics

Bajafar Medical is the exclusive agent for manufacturers based in Egypt, Jordan, Denmark and China.

We pride ourselves on our extensive distribution capabilities which cover all regions of Sudan.

  • Manufacture, import and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical products.
  • Medical analysis laboratories partnerships in management and operation.
  • Hospital management and operation.