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Bajafar Medical is the exclusive agent of Dermapharm, the Danish market leader in innovative eco-friendly skin care products.

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All of the following Dermapharm products are marketed by Bajafar Medical:

No. Item
1 Derma Beta Activating Roll on Cream ( 50ml )
2 Derma Beta Regenerating Cream (50ml )
3 Derma Beta Aseptic Cream (50ml)
4 Derma Beta Foot Bath (150ml )
5 Derma Eco Baby Shampoo / Bath (150ml)
6 Derma Eco Baby Oil (145ml)
7 Derma Eco Baby Cream (100ml)
8 Derma Eco Baby Ointment (100ml)
9 Derma Eco Baby Sun Screen SPF 30 (75ml)
10 Derma Eco Woman Hand Cream (75ml)
11 Derma Eco Woman Shampoo (285ml)
12 Derma Sun Spray Kids SPF30 (150ml)
13 Derma Sun Screen SPF 50+ (75ml)
14 Evita Intimate Wash (200ml)
15 Diaderm Lotion (200ml)
16 Napkin Cream (50ml)
17 Aloederm Face Cream (25ml)
18 Perla Cream (125ml)